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                      Common Questions asked

Q1. What if I don't believe in Spells,Witch craft and candle Magic?
A1. In order for any spell, candle, oil Juju bag to work you must apply your energy into this. If your applying negativity to the situation you should expect the same kind of response.

Q2. I want to Hex or Curse my Ex, Can you help me do this?
A2. I am a firm believer in 3 folds law and everything you put out in the universe comes back to you 3 times. ( Good or Bad ). With that being said I will not participate in applying Negativity to a past Ex or relationship. 

Q.3 I am being harassed or stalled or bullied can a purchase of a spell from Rubbizfire help me.
A3. The personalized spell can do a release from Negative situations or people. As long as you want this and apply the energy required. The spell will have satisfactory results. 

Q4. What if I don't follow the spell rules or guidelines?
A4. If you EXPECT or WANT the results you paid for then your expected to follow the spell as directed. 

Q5. Why does the guidelines or rules tell me to not blow the candle out?
A5. you are welcome to pinch the candle out or snuff it out but never blow it out. By blowing it out you blow all your energy that was applied to the candle and take away the candles potency. 

Q6. The spell, candle, doll or juju bag I purchased requires blood do I really need to do this part?
A6. Yes, piece of you is required and wouldn't be asked for in less it was needed.

Q7. I want to make a guy LOVE ME, Can a spell make this happen?
A7. You can not bend another person's will. You can influence or tempt . BUT be warned these spells work on both of you. so if he has bad feelings towards you or NO feelings it will be required for a stronger spell on you both but you will feel the SPELL double hard on you then on him and becoming hurtful to your feelings.

Q8. My candle is burning slow can I burn it longer to make it work faster.
A8. NO... Do not burn longer than suggested. Rome wasn't built in a day. Let the natural time line of the candle and its magic work on its time line. When you don't bend magic's will it will work perfectly for you. If you try to force it to move quickly you will weaken it or morph it and it will have undesirable results.

Q9. I purchased a Love Spell and my friend needs same exact spell can I share it with her and her dream guy?
A9. NO, each spell is for the individuals it was made for or personalized for. 

Q10. I ordered my spell on Monday how come its not being shipped out till friday?
A10. Each spell is made personally for each order. Which means take time to gather needed ingredients, mix and prepare perform spell and package.

Q11. I purchased a Spell or Spells from someone else other than Rubbizfire. Can I email and ask RUbbizfire questions about these purchase/ spells etc?

A11. You should contact your Spell Caster you purchased your spells from directly. Rubbizfire can not guarantee another casters work especially when she doesn't know the type of spell they are using or the limitations or rules of that persons spell casting.

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Topics to choose for Oils, Spells & Juju bags

Anger Release 
 Attract Love  
Attract Luck 
Business Boost 
Business Protection  
Element Recharge  
Emotional Healing 
 Energy Boost  
Fertility Boost woman 
 Fertility Boost man  
Fertility Boost couple 
Healing Heart break release 
Home Cleansing 
 Home Blessing  
Jealousy release 
Look at me
Marriage Attraction 
 Marriage Blessing  
Marriage Lock 
Move on 
Negative Energy Release 
Pregnancy Protection  
Protection Spell 
Relationship Protection  
Rekindle Love 
Spirituality awakening 
Stress Release  
Stability Work attraction  
Work protection 
Work Security

Personalized Sm Oil $ 7.99
Personalized Lg Oil $ 9.99
Juju Bag $ 9.99
Personalized Spell Doll $ 19.99
Sm personalized candle $ 39.99
Lg personalized candle $ 69.99

Spell packages
Sm Personal Spell Kit ( Spell, Candle & Doll ) $ 99.99
Lg Personal Spell kit (Spell, Candle & Doll ) $ 129.99
Wapuzi ( 2 lg spell kit ) $ 250.00
Wapuzi (3 lg spell kit ) $ 350.00
Wapuzi ( 4 lg spell kit ) $ 450.00

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