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Rubbizfire is available to answer your Cleansing needs for Home, Business, Car & Personal. 

Rubbizfire Strives to be punctual, private & offer a detailed personal cleansing that will suit your spiritual and metaphysical needs. Please be advised all services are Prepaid. 

To get on schedule you must prepay at least 1 week in advance for Rubbizfire Cleansing services for appropriate amount of time to be set aside, all necessary ingredients, dates and preparation.

If Rubbizfire needs to Fly to your state. All Air, transportation fees and cleansing fees must be paid before Rubbizfire will put you on her calendar

Here is a List of Cleansing services offered...

Personalized to your homes square footage, Amount of people living in your home
amount of Pets and Antiques
One payment has been made in full please send a email to In your email include location of home. Contact person and number as well as preferences ( am, midday or pm for a phone chat)

Then you will be given a Cleansing Evening start time. 
which will require all living people and animals to be absent for resident for at LEAST 12 HOURS. The longer the cleansing has to work on the house the better.

Price Range from $ 250.00 to $1000.00

Full Home, New Home or business Cleanings and Travel arrangements for Rubbie
Personalized to your homes square footage, Amount of people living in your home, amount of Pets and Antiques and you are responsible for Travel arrangements for Rubbie

Send a email to In your email include location of home/ business and understand there is a minimum of at least 2 weeks advance booking. You can set up earlier or sooner services how ever you will understand that you will have to pay higher fee's for airfare, rental car, place to stay and ER Rubbizfire services.

Price Range from $ 700 - $5000

Buying a New Home or Renting a New Place Cleansings 
Sometimes when you Buy or rent a place you take on the ENERGY of the previous tenants of the home and the land. Both Bad and Good. This gives you an opportunity to have the House Cleansed and blessed before you move in.
This will Personalized to square footage of Vacant place.

Once payment has been made in full simply email please include location to be cleansed, contact person name and number. Preferences (Am, mid day or pm for 15 minute phone chat)

Then you will be given a Cleansing Evening start time. 
which will require all living people and animals to be absent for resident for at LEAST 12 HOURS. The longer the cleansing has to work on the house the better.
* Remaining balance due 1 week before Cleansing is started *

Price Range from $ 200.00 to $800.00

Car Cleansings 
Personalized to your Car, Truck, SUV or RV

Once payment is made in full. Please send a email to to give me your mailing address and phone number and preferences ( am , mid day or pm phone chat. You will then be given a 15 minute phone appointment for us to discuss your cleansing needs for the vehicle such as any kids in car regularly, do you drive to work, has this car been in a accident etc.
​Must be paid in full prior to start
Price Range from $ 150.00 - $600.00

Full Home Cleansings
New Home Cleansings
Car Cleansings
Common Questions asked

Q1. What if I don't believe in Blessings, Cleansings Spells,Witch craft and candle Magic?

A1. In order for any Blessing, spell, candle, oil Juju bag to work you must apply your energy into this. If your applying negativity to the situation you should expect the same kind of response.

Q2. Why Do I have to leave my Home/ Office/ Business for at least 12 hours?

A2. A Blessing ritual will be preformed on your Home/ Office/ Business. Which require a empty space of Living energy so No energy can jump in to a living being.

Q.3 What if I am unsure if My house has a Attachment or an individual in the home?

A3. IF you purchase the Full Home Cleansing it covers every individual and pet in the home

Q4. What if I don't follow the Cleansing rules or guidelines?

A4. If you EXPECT or WANT the results you paid for then your expected to follow the rules of the Cleansing ritual or Blessing as directed. 

Q5. Why does the guidelines or rules tell me to not blow the candle out?

A5. you are welcome to pinch the candle out or snuff it out but never blow it out. By blowing it out you blow all your energy that was applied to the candle and take away the candles potency. 

Q6. The Cleansing, candle, doll or juju bag I purchased requires blood or hair or tails do I really need to do this part?

A6. Yes, piece of you is required and wouldn't be asked for in less it was needed.

Q7. What is a Property line Boundary Protection?

A7. A spell mixture will be personally made for your homes property line. This Property Line Boundary Protection will be placed on property line deflecting negative energy, influences or anyone meaning harm or ill will to the family with in the property line. This is for the FULL HOME CLEANSING. 

Q8. My candle is burning slow can I burn it longer to make it work faster.

A8. NO... Do not burn longer than suggested. Rome wasn't built in a day. Let the natural time line of the candle and its magic work on its time line. When you don't bend magic's will it will work perfectly for you. If you try to force it to move quickly you will weaken it or morph it and it will have undesirable results.

Q9. Why do I need to disclose that I own 2nd hand furniture or antiques?

A9. Sometimes furniture that was previous owned or antique can have a attachment to it. Rest assure this doesn't mean you must get rid of it. It can be blessed/ Cleansed depending on the Energy oozing from the furniture. 

Q10. Friday or Saturday doesn't work for a Cleansing can I make a special request or a alternative day of the week?

A10. Special circumstances or arrangements can be made. Of course this will be booked at least 1 week in advance.

Q.11 I would like to invite my friends or family over to witness and participate in the cleansing and video tape is this ok?

A.11 Cleansings can be video taped if you like but Cleansing ritual shouldn't be taken lightening as entertainment or a fun experience. Please respect Rubbizfire and understand that if you expect me to respect your personal privacy and keep Cleansing professional I am not here to entertain you and your friends. If your looking for A party please book a party.

Q.12 What if I want to hire Rubbizfire to do a house Cleansing but I live in a different state but I want her to come this weekend?

A.12 Rubbizfire can travel to any state. But you the client are responsible for Rubbizfire AIR, Transportation and ER Cleansing fees and accommodations.