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Plate Manifestation Class
​How would you like to centralize your focus and manifest your desires on what you truly need and want for your higher good.

I will show you how to utilize a Plate Manifestation where you can draw what want or better what you actually need!

This Class will teach you the importance of the plate to you, and Power of visualization and manifestation truly work.

​Instructor - Rubbie
Fee-$50.00 per person
Date: TBD

45 minutes 

Class participation Items needed
1 - white 10 inch plate
1- set of Permanent markers ( Sharpies) multiple colors needed at least 7 or more)
  Recommended colors ( Red, Green,Blue, Orange, Black, Yellow, Brown )
1- votive white candle or 5 tea lite candles
1- sage incense
1- lighter or matches
1- A quiet place you can work in 

This class will discuss how to manifest 
Setting the Intention of manifestation
Importance of visualization 

I will Show you example plates and example symbols that you can use on your plates to set your intentions.

Time frames

Q & A

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