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I attended one of Tarot reading parties Rubbie did & she is amazing. I have since then been having her come to my home to read for me.
  Linda .K 0719/00

Very accurate Tarot readings
  RoseP AztecsunRose 07/21/00

Wonderful readings, very intuitive reader. I am a regular customer! since 1995
  Mary MLsearth 07/21/00

I been having getting Tarot readings from Rubbie for a few years. She doesnt always tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. I will continue to come back. THANKS RUBBIE.
  Chris Cbcphinfan 05/23/05

She made me cry on how much she was able to see in her tarot cards I wasnt ready to have her repeat things I didnt tell her yet. She is very talented.
  Tina 05/23/05

I get my Tarot cards read but Rubbie 2 times ayear. 
She has never been wrong since 1993
  Lupe Scentofbeing 05/24/05

Reviews on Kasamba or Keen

Rubbie has done many readings for me over the years. She 
is VERY accurate and is patient with you. She tells you what you need to hear, not what you WANT to hear. She is well worth the time and money, and she is a very sweet and caring woman. She is also wonderful at spells, so try her out! She never ceases to amaze me. You will not be dissapointed!
  Tanya mswhunter118 01/15/06

Thankyou. Hope your predictions come true. you were spot on with other things thanks again i will keep in contact 
  rlkn74 02/21/06

I know I am back again.. I won't even question it because I know it will happen! Thank you Rubbie!! 
  Tanya mswhunter118 02/26/06
yes i would recommend she is accurate and her timeframe is similar to others!
  gaylevictoria 02/26/06

Slow typing , we will see if she is accurate!
  Blackwings 02/26/06

She is outstanding, kind, accurate, right on point.....i will call again! 
  Deijsy 02/26/06
Interesting :-)  
  dominickuk 02/26/06 
  moon30 02/27/06

The worst reading I have ever had I will never come back!
  NITA17 02/28/06

Thank you, I look forward to this all comming true.
  kusa 03/05/06

Rubbie is awesome! she takes her time and makes sure you understand everything she is telling you. She is very patient and her intuition is AMAZING! she is the best! 
  Tanya mswhunter118 03/06/06

Very good Reader. Very understanding and told me things that other Readers did not see. She explains things very clearly if you dont understand and takes her time. i would highly recommend her 
  zaheda 03/10/06

a good Tarot reader. Worth every dollar!
  mrgomyway 03/11/06

very gifted and highly recommended 
  Indian69 03/16/06

great reading! Thank you.
  lil princess 03/26/06

Rubbie is very insightful withher readings. I been coming back to her for over 7 years. I also recomend her to anyone I know looking for a psychic reading
  Danny -Donotcontactme- 04/12/06  

Rubbie is great. Sometimes alittle to blunt and honest even when you dont want to hear it. But she is alwasy on point!
  Lynnece. J LNJ86 05/07/06

This was wonderful reading...instantly picked up on situation and energies involved..issues...gav e some logical advice...i would definately return for future reading if Rubbie is available...very warm friendly fast and to the point...Thank you so much! 
  Justwaiting 04/27/07

I was not impressed with her reading at all. She SUCKS!
  montee 04/27/07

very interesting. She seen things I didnt tell her. Told me things I didnt ask. Can't wait to see if it comes true.
  Leilani 04/27/07

Was very great reading, however said I was a fire sign when I am not. My Birthday is Nov. 21st I am a scorpio. she kept mentioning something about about cups and then retracted and said ok your a water sign but act like a sign.
  Rory1234 04/28/07

 I have had a few readings with Rubbie and if she says it will happen it will happen!!! She is so amazing. Thank you rubbie you are so accurate and right one! By the way, I got the house just like you said when you said!!! 
  Angel Force 04/29/07  

Fast typist, will wait and see if the predictions come true 
  ladasso 04/29/07

she is an ANGEL in disguise! 
  ciaobambini 05/01/07

  Leaves W05/11/07

Repeat customer. Happy with my Tarot reader 
  Rose Aztecsunrose06/10/07

She predicted my pregnancy before it ever happened. My marriage and I am a repeat customer too.
  Teresa TCH4R7906/11/07

ok I was wrong can you please delet that last comment Ileft regarding you. Please. I would like another reading from you now. I didnt realise how accurate you really are. Please answer my emails.

  Leaves Please keep Private email 09/24/07

I am a psychic, and been to a lot of fake/bad psychics. So to say the least I am always a skeptic about others from prior history.

I am not getting paid to do this but I have to tell other people out there when there is another great one in our presence! 

She started right away connecting with my grandpa, the love of my life. No one has ever heard him. She pointed him out to a tee. Looks saying's it was amazing. 

Second crazy thing was can't say too much not many people know what is going on with me when it comes to my health. She said I am seeing 3 like three years ago everything started going down hill. Your health, money and energy. Like you have been in a coma. These are the exact words I said a week prior to my boyfriend. Three year make is when everything started going south.

She is and was amazingly accurate!!!! I strongly suggest her.

Since I am a psychic as well I do believe you should always have a few psychics on hand. If I am going to refer any clients there are only a very selective few I would pick because I don't want people going to a bad psychic. She is one of the psychics that I would definitely recommend! Try her, you and nothing to lose and much to gain!

I have to thank you soo much again Rubbie for your wonderful reading you gave me. It opened my eye's and you have the gift. Don't ever stop what you are doing many people will need your help through their darkest hour. 

  God Bless.... Hillary Freitas 
  Fremont, CA

Rubbie is awesome! Rubbie tells you the truth and not want you want to here and she is exteremely accurate and its amazing how she can see and pick up on things. Rubbie is like talking to a close girlfriend! Rubbie is amazing ! 
  Kimberly G
  Kimber3582 at Yahoo dot com
  March 27 2012 at 10:00 AM PST

My name is Keli Michaels, I am a psychic and made # 24 on your list. Exciting! Thank you! Rubbi has done several personal readings for me in the past. She's a great psychic. I wanted to give you my testimonial for her. As a psychic myself, I am very particular about who I chose to read me or recommend. Rubbi has an amazing gift of honing in on specific people, their personalities & events in my life. In May she predicted that the beginning of July would be filled with fun, activity, much motion & social interactions "the time of your life". Life had been mostly work & very minimal social activities, so I didn't think twice about July. Until it arrived & I was sent to Europe. There I was on a plane to Paris! Most of my expenses were paid & I did have "the time of my life"! She's been accurate about so many things in my life, that I feel confident recommending her! Sincerely, KM- Los Angeles
  Jan. 2012

The first time I experienced a reading from Rubbie Salinas (aka Rubbizfire) was through a free psychic reading event hosted by Belinda Bentley begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting . Her precision, professionalism, and delicacy with the delivery of her messages impressed me. I have had a lot of psychic readings and found Rubbie's style to be unique and extremely accurate. The positive energy, humility, and kindness that exudes from Rubbie is a rare attribute among psychics and I knew I wanted to get to know Rubie on a personal level. Through correspondence and extensive conversations, I was invited to be a guest on her radio show called "No Ordinary Psychics." While being a guest on her show, I was able to witness, firsthand, her professionalism and passion for helping people. Rubbie is an asset to the psychic community and brings with her amazing gifts, accuracy, insight, kindness, professionalism, and most of all authenticity. Congrats Rubbie!! Shannon Leischner  
  Jan. 2012

Rubbiz Fire helped a great deal and my nephew is now looking forward to having another reading with her! 

Rubbiz isn't perfect and doesn't always get it right, but she is very accurate and pretty amazing when it comes to predictions. She has a high percentage of accurate in my readings. I'd say 80-90%. I know many people who have went to her and she will tell them the truth. It's not going to happen with this man, or it is, or they will marry another, or move on and it always seems to be right on. If she doesn't know, she doesn't know and she'll tell you that. 

Rubbiz Fire has warned me about peoples behaviors and told me not to do certain things. I haven't always listened, though I wish I had of because she has always right about what someone is going to do or say. I'll definitely need to start listening to that advice more. 
  Celebrity Sex Psychic Belinda Bentley  
  Jan 2012
I have seen my mom do many Psychic readings over the years with runes, tarot cards and just some times just with the peoples hands. She does free readings on her radio show 2 times a week. Also I see her fall asleep at her computer sometimes because she is answering emails from clients or helping a client out. My mom work very hard at what she does and I am very PROUD of you MOM. Love you.  
  Beau Salinas JR, San Jose, Ca


I had a reading with Rubbie a few months ago and it was truly awesome. I would recommend her to anyone. A true psychic with integrity .
  Posted on Yelp Conny H Turlock, CA

Very gifted, indeed. Rubbie was spot on about my situation. I like that she is direct, yet comforting at the same time. Thank you so much Rubbie!!! I will definitely be a repeat customer =)
  Posted on Yelp Sheri R Boston, MA

I have had a lot of different readings over the last 10 years. Some in person, on the phone and yes in time of need via email. She told me I was pregnant before I knew I was pregnant and at that same time told me it was going to be a girl and my baby was.
She is a great Advisor and even better Tarot reader. When I leave my reading I feel confident and excited for what my future holds because I can be prepared for it. Also I am grateful to her for introducing me to Theta Healing. My 1st session was amazing. so much so I had to take a course on it so I can work on my family and friends.
  Posted on Yelp Mandi B San Jose, CA

If you don't believe in spirits, ghosts, and spiritual things, don't bother reading this review. I'm soooo skeptical of psychics, healers and mediums. Yeah, right.... They ask you many questions or make general statements that can apply to almost anyone. I had a very scary spirit in my house. I called a very famous medium/psychic to see if she could cleanse my house. I was told to read these books from her... okay... so how was this going to cleanse my house. I called back and they said that her son would call me back. NEVER happened..... So one of my friends came and cleansed my house (sage and holy water). Well, it went away but my house still didn't feel right. My dog would look at a direction and start barking. There wasn't anything there nor a noise. Nothing scary this time though just strangeness.. I was telling a coworker about what went on. He recommended me to Rubbie. I was like... Oh, nooooo... I'm going to get scammed BIG time. He told me that she's really legit. After a bazzillion questions to him I finally asked for an introduction. I met with Rubbie several times and with a bazzillion and two questions. I finally decided for the house cleanse. When she entered my house she said that she didn't feel anything evil or bad, wheeewww, but there were several spirits in my house and it was a constant party - busy energy. She cleansed my house and when I returned to my home it was eerily still. I freaked out and called her. She said that I was used to so much energy in my house that I didn't know what calm was. As another reviewer said, she is very approachable and very down to earth. I have her come to my house once in awhile to check for any negative energy and so far so good :)

She did a reading on a coworker regarding his wife. The prediction was right on the head and it wasn't a general thing. It was very specific. A professional (a doctor) confirmed it.
  Posted on Yelp Ling K San Jose, CA

My tarot card reading from Rubbie is always fantastic. I have my cards read by her 3-4 times a year when I want some direction, answers, or guidance on my "gut" feelings.

She is precise, detailed, and honest. She will tell you what the cards say not what she thinks you want to hear! She is the real deal!

I refer her to all my friends and have even hosted a tarot reading party which was a great success!
  Posted on Yelp Monica A San Jose, CA

​Rubbie is amazing. I met with her at a Meetup Thetahealing Group. It's a group of Thetahealers that pracitce on eachother. Rubbie was my partner for a good thirty minutes.  

I myself work with energy and I could seriously feel Rubbie's energy when she did some belief work on me. It was uplifting and refreshing. I felt a shift.  

Rubbie as a person is a very genunine person and she tells you like it is. Her personality is very approachable and very down to earth. She makes you feel safe. Not only did she do a healing on me, she gave me a bit of a reading too. She picked up on a lot of things on me and she was accurate. She is the real deal!

Highly recommend her. She is great!
  Posted on Yelp Grace B Sacramento CA

I had an in person reading recently that was excellent. I would highly recommend Rubbiz Fire to anyone looking for a reliable psychic. She is very friendly, sweet and welcoming and her reading was very detailed and accurate.
  Posted on Yelp Sandy H Placerville, CA

I just had a personal reading with Rubbiz Fire. I have never had any sort of reading ever so I had no idea what to expect. I am amazing on the acuracy and was 100% spot on, even from 6 months ago until today. I will do it again in 6 months and recommend anyone to her...
  Posted on Yelp Anita S San Jose, CA
I had a recent tarot reading done from Rubbizfire Psychic Readings & Tarot services. I realized that she is clearly gifted. All of what she told me about my life was true; she knew and understood things that she would never have known unless I told her. From money...family, to relationships, my questions were answered and confirmed. My biggest fear was hearing my gutt instincts being right and having someone break it down without knowing anything except your name and birthday is pretty eye opening. If you want to know about the past, present and future of your life, call Rubbizfire. This is very real, it can be happy, sad, scary, or all of the above, but one thing I know for sure is it is real. 

  Posted on Yelp Jennifer Dunbar San Jose, CA.

I've been working with Rubbie for a few months now and have been wowed every time. She is incredibly accurate and wonderfully easy to talk to. I come off the phone feeling like we just sat down to a friendly chat over coffee and that she spilled my innermost thoughts and feelings before I had a chance to do it myself.
  Posted on Yelp Cassandra L San Francisco, CA

Rubbie is wonderful... Theta takes her natural skills to a whole new level... You will genuinely feel better after you talk to her... It is not just a "reading"... It's empowerment backed up with a sense of peace... There is no better feeling...
  Posted on Yelp Levacy D Sacramento, CA

I am a bit of a psychic whore :) I love going and Rubbie's reading was awesome. She was very accurate and got very specific names and dates.. She was easy to schedule with and pay.. I will be back!!
  Posted on Yelp Melissa B Van Nuys, CA

I went to a Tarot party where Rubbizfire was the reader & at first I was skeptical of this whole psychic stuff. But in all honesty she told me things I wasnt ready to hear or wanted to hear. Initally I was pissed off at her. But I must admit I ended up calling her and having a few more reading since then becase everything she told me came true. 

Now I consider Rubbiz to be my personal psychic. I can only afford to see her 2- 4 times a year. or some times I take advantage of her Radio show and call in when she does free readings :)

Over all she is very sweet and caring and is very good at being psychic.

  Posted on Yelp Jazmine H San Jose CA  
I was reconnected with Rubbie after almost 20 years and was excited about getting a reading. It was amazing!! She had no idea what my life had been like and she told me things that she would have had to have been there to know! I was in tears when she was done! That was almost 6 years ago!! She is so professional and precise on what she sees that I walk away flabbergasted to this day. She will even tell you things you don't want to hear. An example of this, I ventured into a new relationship 6 months ago and called Rubbie gushing like a teenager! She told me right away to enjoy it while it lasted, and that it was not going to be a permanent thing! I wanted to tell her she was wrong but she never has been before. Needless to say, I am no longer in that relationship. I have recommended her to family and friends and she always leaves us looking forward to our next reading. Not only is she a great friend, she is an AWESOME psychic!!Thank you,  
  Theresa Pashoian
  Jan. 2012

Rubbizfire is the best the best the best. She deserves a higher rank than 23. Posted on UfosupernaturalMagazine -Jorge Salinas, Arizona
  January 2012

Yes sir AMEN. She is first class and UFOs Super Mag should write an article about her. Rubbizfire is very modest woman with zillions of spiritual gifts.  
  Posted on Ufosupernaturalmagazine -Marina, New Mexico
  January 2012

I just had a personal reading with Rubbiz Fire. I have never had any sort of reading ever so I had no idea what to expect. I am amazing on the acuracy and was 100% spot on, even from 6 months ago until today. I will do it again in 6 months and recommend anyone to her...
  Posted on Yelp Anita S. San Jsse CA 

I stumbled across Rubbizfire on Google. She is pretty cool person. We did the reading over the phone for 1 hour. It was cook I could actually here hear shuffling the cards she read me about 3 weeks ago I waited to review till some of the stuff she predicted came to pass. She told me I would get a Job in 3-4 weeks. I got the Job. I am gonna be contacting you again Ms. Rubbizfire. You are Awesome. Thank you 
  Posted on Yelp Sarabeth H. San Jose, CA 

Testimate of accuracy 
When I 1st had a tarot reading by Ruby, I was upset at what she told me. She told me the exact opposit of everything I wanted to hear. I kept asking her regarding my then boyfriend my relationship and getitng married. She told me we were not getting married & that we did have any children together. I became very upset because I was 4 months pregnant. In my mind at the time this lady didnt have a CLUE what she was talking about!! This was my last straw and I walked away from my reading. 

Time went on I had a beautiful babygirl I named Destiny, My boyfriend proposed and we were set to be married 18 months after Destiny was born. Life has a away of Slapping you upside your head when you least expect it too.

My boyfriend became laid off, which was his downward spiral. He began dabbling in drugs and yes eventually cheating on me needless to say we didnt get married. 

I had to eventually persue him for child support to my embarressment he denied my daughter as his and demanded a paternity test. Where I was further embarressed to say it was proven he indeed wasn't Destiny's father.

Turns out my previous boyfriend Rich was Destiny's father. Though I had to put up with almost 2 1/2 years of drama and crap from this situation. 

There is a silver lining to my story Rich is the most WONDERFUL father I could have ever choosen for Destiny. He interacts with her and takes her to the park and was very happy to be proven he was her father, and since this has come out we have reunited , eventually moving in together and I am very PROUD to say we were married last Valentine's Day on a beach in Santa Cruz California with Destiny as our flower girl.  

It took me a few years to refind Ruby and say I am sorry. and I will never doubt a word she says again.
  Abby AbbyLuv87@Ymail.com  
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