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Elite Private consulting services 
For those elite client who would prefer to speak to their Psychic on a daily basis as a set time, to go over things, check in, energy check daily with Rubbizfire where you can get some cord cutting, heating  or a reading or just utilize Rubbizfire  as a sounding board  or venting board to release some energy 

Elite Private consulting services
Wk-end service ( Friday/ Saturday & Sunday )
This would be for 3 day purchase ( Friday, Saturday & Sunday only)
your appointment is the same time on all 3 days.
15 minute sessions =$150 plus tax
30 minute sessions =$225 plus tax
60 minute sessions = $375 plus tax

Wkly Service
This would be for 1 wk purchase , Your appointment time is the same time everyday
15 minutes sessions =  $350 plus tax
30 minutes sessions = $525 plus tax

Month Services
This would for 1 months of service, 
Your appointment time is the same time everyday.  
15 minutes sessions  =$1100.00 plus tax.
30 minutes sessions = $1850.00 plus tax
60 minutes sessions = $3500.00 plus tax