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Candle Holders, Dolls, Plates , Rocks and More
Sometimes I find my self needing to express my self artistically. And allowing my self to escape through my art. Really clears my energy and puts me in a centered place of mind.

My Mom calls it copy cat art. My Mom has the ability to do this on actual cakes. From her years of Cake decorating. She can also draw and paint too.

So why is it called Copy cat art.
Because you find a a picture or idea to start from and I paint it on a plate or Candle holder. I personalize a art piece for you or a loved one just in time for the holidays.

Every holiday that comes up I will sample piece to show my ideas  how to celebrate the holidays...

I hope you enjoy looking at my art piece and expression.  All these pieces have found homes already...

1 plate or Candle Holder  $24.99 plus tax
Free Priority shipping ( U.S. ONLY )

Orders may take 10 - 21 days for delivery depending on back order

Disclaimer on Art by Rubbie 
Plates measure - 10 inches
Candle Holder -  7 inches tall and 3 1/2 inches wide

Plates -  are decorative purposes only not to be eaten on or wet in anyway. Not food or dishwasher safe. 

Candle Holders - Not dishwasher safe Keep water away.